Balcomb Trophy winners are Northumberland

Northumberland won the men’s national inter-county two four competition, the Balcomb Trophy, at Beach House Park, Worthing.

This event is supported by the Friends of English Bowling.



Cornwall bt Kent 46-25

Rink scores (Cornwall skips first)

I Drew bt S McCaughan 25-7;

M Read bt G Charlton 21-18.


Northumberland bt Hertfordshire 42-39

Rink scores (Northumberland skips first)

C Palmer lost to M Coppen 13-24;

K Wall bt A Briden 29-15.


Northumberland bt Cornwall 44-42

Rink scores (Northumberland skips first)

C Palmer lost to M Read 19-25;

K Wall bt I Drew 25-17.


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  1. Flfl

    Once again everyone had a wonderful time at the annual bowling tournament. I want to thank the Ambassadors for hosting the event and the sponsors for making the event very enjoyable.The First Place team was Elliot and Peach West, Rich and Ginny Sorem. Axis Design was second followed by Kevin Minkoffs team. Next year plan on attending because it’s a lot of FUN!

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